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Access Control

Access Control System is used to provide adequate security measures to protect staff & Company Assets so that a safe working environment is created. In Access Control, we can provide Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, 2 Door and 4 Door Controllers with TCP/IP & Serial output. For proper selection of the System there are many things to consider for example what time do employees arrive and leave the building, how long do they stay on site, in the event of a fire or other emergency situation how do you find out who is on site.

Finger print Controller


High level of security at affordable prices

Most accurate and powerful Fingerprint sensor

Attractive plastic enclosure with compact dimensions

Inbuilt proximity reader for 1:1 match

Supports industry standard configurable weigand output

Compatible with most of the access controllers

Easy and quick installation

IP Base Fingerprint Controller


IP based single door fingerprint access controller

Most accurate and powerful Fingerprint scanner

Affordable solution for biometric security

Elegant design with compact dimensions, suitable for installations on a door frame

Localize wiring with distributed IP based access control

Effortless and hassle free installation

Locks & Brackets



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